What is a Hoosier Cabinet?

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Hoosier Cabinets: America's First Multi-Function Kitchen Furniture



Hoosier cabinets and other used furniture in springfield mo

     Hoosier cabinets were first manufactured in the early 1900's. Demand for these items lasted well into the 1950's. More than just a piece of furniture, they were viewed an absolute necessity for a home. They boasted valuable counter height workspace coupled with easily accessible storage for both kitchen supplies like flour and sugar in addition to keeping cooking utensils readily available. In short, Hoosier cabinets simplified the daily task of preparing food for a family.

Antique Furniture - Hoosier Cabinets Springfield Mo

     The first Hoosier cabinets were basically a modified baker's cabinet. However, what really sets the two types of cabinets apart is the storage. Baker's cabinets typically had no storage and were primarily designed just to offer a kitchen workspace. Hoosier Cabinets, on the other hand, offered the handy workspace in addition to specially crafted space that maximized efficiency in the kitchen. With dish racks, spice storage, pul out shelves, lazy susans, and space for various jars and glass ware, these cabinets were the perfect addition in virtually any kitchen.

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Hoosier Cabinet - Antiques Furntiure
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     Although Hoosier Cabinets are no longer manufactured, we do sometimes carry furniture in this style. If you are looking for a classic take on kitchen organization and function, be sure to stop by and see what we have in our store!



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