Top 7 Things to Do Before Buying Used Furniture

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Buying furniture, some people love it, while others would rather do anything else. Whatever your feelings, chances are that at some point you will be shopping for everything from sofas to lamp. Whether you are moving into a new home, or your current digs need a remodel, changing out the furniture is usually at the top of the list. Speaking of lists, we have compiled the 7 things to think about before making the trip to a furniture store.



It has been said that “money makes the world go ’round.” The same could be said for redecorating. It should not come as a surprise that determining how much you are willing to spend should be at the top of your list before taking a trip to the furniture store. Few things are as disappointing as getting your heart set on an amazing bed room set or an outstanding living room couch, only to find out that those items cost twice as much as you can spend.

Measure Your Space


Tape measurers are like a gift sent from above! This is no exaggeration, simply using one to find out the dimensions of your room can save you the major headache of making a purchase and only afterward finding out that your new furniture will not fit in the room. Be sure to accurately measure Width, Length, AND Height!

Oh, and be sure to write those measurements down. Few things are as embarrassing as using your trusty ‘ole noodle and realizing after the fact that your brain might not retain information like it used to! This is no joke, write those numbers down and bring them with you to the store!

Doorways & Hallways


While you have the tape measurer out, it is an equally good idea to take note of the path needed to get the furniture into your home. Just because you have selected the ideal location for that solid oak 14 person dining table, doesn’t necessarily mean it can be navigated through the maze of items and hallways that are present in many homes. Additionally, never assume that every interior doorway has an average size frame.

Getting it Home


Speaking of things smaller than they appear, be sure to put some thought into how the items are going to get from the store to your home. Is your vehicle large enough to haul what you are wanting to purchase? Will the item fit in the trunk? Will you need to rent or borrow a trailer?

Fortunately, some retailers offer delivery. Just don’t get suckered into paying an additional fee. Unless, of course, your live far away from the store.


Color Matching


If you have a particular color scheme for the room you are decorating, then bringing an item from the room to match colors to is an absolute must. For those of us that could be labeled “OCD decorators,” nothing is worse than finding that rare chartreuse shaded lamp, only to bring it home and realize that it is in fact lime green instead.

Online Items


Used Furniture stores and second hand retailers tend to not get their items from wholesalers and usually have limited quantities of pretty much everything. If you saw the item listed online, it never hurts to call the store before making a trip. You might just save yourself some disappointment.


Photograph your room


smartphone pictures of used furniture


Sometimes, your memory just isn’t quite as good as you might think. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Before you head out for a day of furniture shopping, snap a few pictures of the rooms you want to redecorate. In the age of smart phones, this shouldn’t take too much time.





The Next Steps…

Hopefully, you are now fully prepared to get out there and transform any room in your house! Let us know if there are any other pre-shopping tips you think people should know about!

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