Antique Festival of the Ozarks

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Our Very First Antique Show!


     Although we have been in business for many years now, we recently had the opportunity to present some of our wares at a show for the first time ever! We had a wonderful time making new acquaintances and viewing all of the wonderful vendor booths. If you have not had a chance to visit any of these types of shows before, you are seriously missing out! Here are some of the best things we experienced at this particular show:



     In particular, we loved the opportunity to see so many different things in one place. These types of shows are fantastic because they host many different vendors each with a unique supply of items. As an avid antique goer, you can save yourself time and energy by visiting a show since some many different vendors are in the same place!


New Friends

     Finding like minded antique lovers is not always an easy task. However, this antique show drew fans out from all over the Ozarks in a friendly positive environment unlike anything else. Meeting these other antique enthusiasts who share our love made the whole trip a worthwhile endeavor!



     With so many antique aficionados gathered in one spot, you are bound to run across experts who have a wealth of knowledge and are willing to share. We were delighted to chat with a few of these individuals and learned an extraordinary amount of new things in regards to Native American Pottery and Antique Glassware. 


Surprise and Delight

In our booth, we brought a genuine Murphy Bed from the 1900's. Pictured below in the gallery, this unique piece of history does not resemble a bed in the slightest while in its folded state. We absolutely loved watching the look of delight and surprise grow on everyone's faces as the cabinet magically transformed into a bed. Seeing the look of childlike wonder on dozens of adults is an experience we will never forget!


If you would like to hang out with us at our next big outing, we will be attending will be the 2016 Heritage Antique Show in Overland Park, Kansas City on October 29th & 30th. 

More Photos From The Event:

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